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Our clients come to us with all types of cases, and we look to offer them the tools that are necessary, whether they are a worker that is looking to come to the country for a job, are a traveler looking to visit the U.S. or are a current resident that is looking to avoid deportation. We also offer assistance in visas and there are many forms that may be suited for the situation. We can review the circumstances of our clients, find out what time of visa they need and assist them in acquiring it. By understanding the legal system and knowing how to work within it, we are able to find fast and effective solutions.


If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Not only could you be fined and lose your freedom if you are convicted, but your personal life may be permanently be altered. As a convicted criminal you may have difficulty finding a job, applying for a school or even getting a loan. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense or even a minor misdemeanor offense, you should speak with an attorney immediately. A conviction for even the most minor criminal charges can have severe consequences.


Pleading guilty to traffic offenses and paying the fines can result in increased insurance premiums, points on your driver’s license, and months of hassles. You not only have a potential misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction on your record, but you may also face administrative suspension or revocation by the Department of Revenue. In many cases, people don’t realize how many points have accumulated on their driver’s license until they receive a letter stating that their license has been suspended.

We will vigorously fight to get your citation dismissed or reduced. We will also assist you with restoring or reinstating your driver’s license, and obtaining limited driving privileges during your suspension.


We are here for you when your legal needs hit closest to home. When custody of your children is on the line, along with child support, spousal support, and everything you and your spouse have come to own, you need a qualified family lawyer by your side.

Here, success is measured not only in terms of positive outcomes for our clients, but also in terms of overall client satisfaction. We know that you expect and deserve not only the best results we can obtain for you, but also our best efforts to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our representation of you along the way. This means thoroughly explaining every step of the process, providing candid advice as you weigh all of your options, and keeping the lines of communication open. If we can meet or exceed your expectations, in terms of both results and resolving your legal matter in the most pleasant manner possible,then we will consider your case successfully resolved.

We can assist you with nearly any family law matter, including a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce, a legal separation, a paternity action, a child custody matter, child support, protection from abuse (PFA), protection from stalking (PFS), or a premarital agreement.

Juvenile Offender

While the juvenile justice system is generally focused on the rehabilitation of the juvenile, there is still no guarantee that your son or daughter will receive the rehabilitative approach you were hoping for. There are still a number of violent crime offenses that a juvenile can commit that may not be handled in the juvenile system, but instead in the adult system. Due to the fact that your son or daughter's future is at stake, it's absolutely essential that you contact an experienced Juvenile offender attorney as soon as possible.

To protect your son or daughter, it's important as a parent or legal guardian that you get involved early on so as to minimize the consequences that your child is presently facing, and to give them the greatest opportunity to overcome this predicament they are in.

Civil Litigation

It could be a tenant failing to pay rent and needing to collect. It could be working on a business contract. Whatever it may be, we will aggressively serve you in meeting your legal needs.

Court of Appeals

Choosing the right attorney for an appeals case can be one of the most important decisions a client ever makes. Rather than hear new evidence or retry cases, appellate courts often make their decisions based on whether proper procedure or law was applied during trial. Due to this limited review, issues raised in appeals courts are very different from those raised at trial. We have the experience in bringing many cases to the Kansas Court of Appeals.

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